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JJ-Lurgi launches technological innovation to reduce coal consumption for soybean extraction plants in China

A COFCO Group processing plant, Dongguan City, China.
A COFCO Group processing plant, Dongguan City, China.

In a two-pronged approach to boost efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, JJ-Lurgi in China has launched a new heat waste recovery technology for soybean extraction plants.

The upgraded system is specifically patented to reduce coal consumption on-site and is recognised by major domestic and international customers as an effective carbon emissions-reducing approach.

In general, extraction plants require a lot of steam, which is produced through burning fossil fuels. JJ-Lurgi’s improved system will enable plants to maintain output while using less coal. This is fully aligned with the Chinese government’s Dual Carbon policy and is a timely move given increasing energy prices in China and around Europe.

To date, the COFCO Group has adopted three units of the upgraded system. Since upgrading, they have significantly reduced their carbon and non-methane total hydrocarbon emissions. JJ-Lurgi is pleased to offer customers a more eco-friendly and fuel-saving solution, enabling them to save on producing up to 100 tonnes of steam per day.

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