Intern Spotlight: Adrian Ngo Wey Jeng

Adrian shares his experience of doing an internship at JJ-Lurgi in Malaysia.

From the right to left: Adrian Ngo, intern, King Juan Siew, General Manager - ROW Sales & Quotations, JJ-Lurgi, two other interns at JJ-Lurgi
From the right to left: Adrian Ngo, intern, King Juan Siew, General Manager - ROW Sales & Quotations, JJ-Lurgi, two other interns at JJ-Lurgi

Internship Period: September 2023 to December 2023

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Hi, I'm Adrian Ngo Wey Jeng! I'm a 21-year-old chemical engineering fanatic from Seremban, Malaysia.

Ever since high school, I've been totally hooked on the whole world of chemical reactions – it's like magic, but with science! Seeing how different chemicals can work together is just awesome, and all the experiments and explorations I've done have only made me love it more. There were definitely times when I wasn't sure about this path, but thanks to my super supportive parents, I kept going. Plus, my internship at JJ-Lurgi totally sealed the deal for me. It showed me just how cool and versatile chemical engineering can be, and it solidified my dream of making it my career.

What inspired you to pursue this internship with Jebsen & Jessen Group, and how did you get it?  

So, I landed this internship at Jebsen & Jessen because, well, they're known for being awesome and really good at what they do, which totally fit with what I wanted for my career. Plus, a friend who interned there at JJ-Lurgi told me it was a super collaborative place to work – everyone helps each other out. That sounded perfect, so I reached out to Hee Chen Siang, the Process Department Manager, to see if they had any openings.

The interview was actually pretty relaxed, even though we were all a bit nervous at first. It was more about them explaining the project they were working on and getting to know us, rather than grilling us with questions. When they told us we got the internship, along with two of my classmates, I was so pumped! The whole interview vibe was so welcoming and relaxed, it really calmed our nerves.

What are your main responsibilities as an intern, and looking back, how has this internship shaped your perspective or goals for the future?  

Most of my internship was hands-on projects. We weren't just fetching coffee, we were actually diving into different things! These projects required us to know our stuff about how oleochemical plants worked, especially things like PFDs (basically fancy blueprints for the process) and P&IDs (which show all the pipes and valves).

I got to work on a bunch of diverse projects, like separating fatty acids, making wax esters, and even turning stuff into hydrogenated methyl esters. My main job was making these things called 'bills of quantities' which basically list out all the materials we needed. I also helped the process engineers with some other tasks, like figuring out the right size for nozzles, checking out 3D models of the plant with fancy software, and making sure the number of valves matched the plans.

Through all this, I learned a ton about engineering and what it's really like to be a process engineer. Big thanks to my awesome supervisors, Woo Muan Hoy, William Fong, Irene Teo, and Katrina Shak! They were all super busy but always took the time to explain things clearly and share their knowledge. They really helped me grow a lot in those few months.

One of the fascinating parts was visiting the factories that built all the big equipment for JJ-Lurgi. We got to see these giant machines up close and learn how everything works in real life, which was amazing. This internship definitely gave me the skills and confidence to take on whatever comes next, thanks to everything I learned from my supervisors and the hands-on experience.

What are the most unforgettable or memorable aspects you've had during your internship here? 

This internship wasn't all work and no play! My classmates and I had a blast together. Every day was filled with fun stuff and making memories that'll last forever. One thing that really stands out was this amazing dinner we had with our General Manager, Lim Si Howe. We went to this super fancy restaurant at a golf course, with a view to die for! Si Howe wasn't just treating us to a good meal, he also gave us a cool tour of the whole place. We were all cracking up the whole time we were talking to him, and he shared some awesome advice that I'll definitely remember.

We also got to have lunch twice with our General Sales Manager, Siew King Juan. He was super generous with his time and wisdom, telling us all sorts of cool stories from his career. Both Si Howe and King Juan were so friendly and down-to-earth, it totally changed my mind about managers being all scary and stuff. They were like mentors to us, and I'd love to work with them again someday!

How would you describe the company culture here in a few words? What stands out the most to you? What made it special for you? 

JJ-Lurgi wasn't just about the work, they really cared about their employees too! They made sure everyone felt good and had a healthy work-life balance, no crazy stress allowed. They even threw birthday parties every month, which was awesome! Plus, there were always company lunches or dinners for holidays, and even trips to reward everyone for their hard work. No wonder some people have been there for over 20 years!

But the best part was definitely the work environment. Everyone was so positive and welcoming. Even though we weren't in the same department, my colleagues were always super helpful, kind, and friendly. They were always happy to share their experience and knowledge, which was amazing. My internship at JJ-Lurgi was seriously life-changing, it opened my eyes to so much. If I ever get the chance to work there again, you bet I'm jumping at it! It was the best professional experience I've ever had, hands down.

Adrian possesses a positive and outgoing attitude that has enhanced the team dynamic. Throughout his internship, he has demonstrated curiosity and eagerness for knowledge, traits that will serve him well in the future. We hope that Adrian will continue to excel and make valuable contributions wherever his path may lead. Wishing him the best in all his future endeavours.” - Hee Chen Siang, Department Manager of JJ-Lurgi, Malaysia. 







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