Shaping the Future of Chemical Engineering with Interactive Learning

JJ-Lurgi empowers future engineers through industry expertise

JJ-Lurgi, believes in the power of collaboration and education to shape the future of the chemical engineering industry. In a recent initiative that underscores the commitment to community service and industry-academic collaborations, JJ-Lurgi was invited by SEGi University to deliver an interactive workshop that provided students with invaluable insights into heat exchanger design. 

A Collaborative Effort 

This event was co-organised by the SEGi IChemE Student Chapter, led by Chee Hui Wen, an intern currently working in JJ-Lurgi's Sales Department, and her committee - Faris Imran, Vice President, Liow Han Ming, Secretary, Ham Kit Ying, Publicity Director, along with esteemed lecturers from SEGi University’s Chemical Engineering Department: Ir. Choo Chee Ming, Dr. Sangeetaprivya P. Siva, and Dr. Mohd Faizan Bin Jamaluddin. Their combined efforts ensured the workshop was a resounding success, blending academic rigour with practical industry knowledge. 

Expertise in Action 

The workshop held in SEGi Chemical Engineering Classroom, was spearheaded by Daniel Tok Kiat Wei, an experienced process engineer from JJ-Lurgi, Malaysia. Daniel's extensive expertise and dynamic presentation style captivated the students, as he guided them through complex simulations and shared practical insights into the design and operation of heat exchangers. 

Students not only gained technical knowledge but also an appreciation for JJ Lurgi’s innovative approaches and our steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability. This workshop was more than just a learning session; it was a platform for future engineers to understand the real-world applications of their studies and the importance of sustainable practices in engineering solutions. 

Bridging Academia and Industry 

Our focus extends beyond technical training to developing well-rounded engineers. We emphasise the importance of soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and leadership through such workshops and seminars. These skills are crucial for engineers to thrive in today's interconnected and collaborative work environments. 

Shaping the Future 

The success of this event highlights the immense value of collaboration between industry and academia. By engaging with universities and contributing to the education of future engineers, JJ-Lurgi is investing in the next generation of leaders who will drive innovation and sustainability in the chemical engineering sector. The students’ enthusiasm and innovative thinking are indicative of the significant contributions they are poised to make in their respective fields and beyond. JJ-Lurgi is proud to support and nurture such talent, fostering a brighter, more sustainable future for all. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to engage with educational institutions and champion initiatives that bridge the gap between academic knowledge and industry expertise. 









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